Trump just made a permanent move to not be seen golfing at Mar-a-Lago anymore (WATCH)

Immediately after Trump was caught golfing – yet again – by CNN cameras despite promising he would get “back to work,” Trump pulled a shameless move to assure that he would not get caught again.

Where cameras were once positioned outside of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, there are now newly planted trees (watch below).

“Yet today, CNN news cameras did not get any video of President Trump playing golf. And here’s why: where CNN cameras were once positioned, trees appear,” CNN host Ana Cabrera explained. “Yes, new trees are being planted there.”

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The stunt comes on the heels of Trump’s Christmas tweet ensuring that he would begin working again the next day, only to instead golf for a staggering six days straight.

CNN captured video footage of the President through trees at his golf course, but were surprised to find a large white truck blocking the same filming spot the next day.

Trump can try to hide his incessant golfing, but he isn’t fooling anyone. If the Democratic wave is anything like it’s being predicted, however, he will have plenty of time to hit the links when the new Congress moves forward with impeachment and relieves him of a job he has no business holding.

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