MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell just slammed Trump’s golfing habit in epic New Year’s Eve tweet


During the Obama presidency, Donald Trump loved to send out tweets like this criticizing Obama for spending time on the golf course.

He was so obsessed with this issue that he actually tweeted about it 27 times. So much so that it was unthinkable a year ago that Trump would dare to hypocritically waste his time as President hitting the links.

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Now with Trump’s administration closing in on the end of its first year, Trump has been golfing three times as many times as Obama had been over the same period of their inaugural years in office, and there’s even a website set up to track the cost of his hypocrisy, which, in case you were wondering, now totals over $42 million taxpayer dollars.

After Trump tweeted on Christmas day that he was going back to work,


Kyle Griffin, the producer of MSNBC‘s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, has been keeping track of the President’s daily schedule.

After Trump was caught trying to hide behind a truck to avoid having CNN’s camera’s catching him golfing days after his back to work tweet, you would think that Trump would have some shame, but that’s not our President for you.

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Lawrence O’Donnell saw his producer’s account of Trump’s latest act of duty-shirking and couldn’t help but comment with a superlative that fits right in with Trump’s habit of always referring to anything he does in the most superlative manner possible.

Don’t be proud of this new record, President Trump. Instead, atone for your sins and eat your words. Print out all 27 of those tweets you sent criticizing Obama for his time spent at the golf course, each on an individual sheet of paper, and start chewing.


The only good thing about Trump’s laziness is that it will take him longer to destroy the country than many of us anticipated with such a miserly work ethic. So golf away, Donald, the further you are from the levers of power, the better.

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