Sheriff Clarke just posted a ludicrous tweet desperate for Trump’s approval


In a move tackily reminiscent of Trump’s own Twitter feed, former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has opted to dive headfirst into the far-right meme game with a cringe-worthy image of his own.

The meme reeks of desperation not only because it depicts him and Trump “fighting” the “LYING LIB MEDIA” together, but it comes on the heels of an ABC News report stating that a similar tweet by Trump – in which he “wrestles” the CNN logo – was his second most popular tweet of 2017.

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In other words, a desperate-for-attention Clarke decided to delve into the dregs of social media in hopes that his tweet would go viral.

Clarke had been considered by Trump for a position in the Department of Homeland Security, but ultimately withdrew his name from consideration. The former sheriff was plagued by accusations of plagiarism, as well as reports of inhumane conditions in jails he oversaw that even led to the death of one inmate.


Clarke may hope to fail his way to the top, but Americans are sick and tired of public officials – full-grown adults – acting like petulant teenagers to score cheap laughs with their bases. With his pathetic reputation in tatters, the disgraced former Sheriff may have swung for the fences, but he struck out in humiliating fashion.

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