February 6, 2023

The Republicans just unveiled their most disgustingly hypocritical propaganda stunt yet

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The Islamic Republic of Iran has been rocked by three days of widespread protests that show no sign of dying down. In the largest display of public discontent since the mass demonstrations of 2009 were crushed by security forces, the people of Iran are rallying to protest en masse once again.


Western media is reporting that the protests are inspired by declining economic conditions, lack of opportunity, and rising rates of inflation, unemployment, and prices. Scattered reports of violence by both protestors and state security agents are reinforced by warnings from the government of President Hassan Rouhani against “illegal gatherings” and reports of telecommunication blackouts.

Right on cue, American conservatives have been rushing to declare themselves the stalwart defenders of peaceful protest, salivating at the slightest prospect of regime change in Iran and the potential for the United States to engage in yet another destructive and destabilizing war of imperialist conquest on behalf of their masters in the fossil fuel, defense manufacturing, and Israel lobbies.

In a disgusting show of hypocrisy and laughable insincerity, men who have laughed in the faces of protestors literally dying from treatable medical conditions and who have spent their careers legislatively pissing upon the ideals of democratic protest are suddenly falling over themselves to applaud the protestors of Iran, undoubtedly laying the groundwork to justify some kind of intervention and behind-the-scenes meddling should the situation in Iran continue to deteriorate.

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Of course, over the past year, Republicans across the country have introduced 18 different laws restricting the rights of American citizens to protest, including six that would excuse drivers for running protestors over with their vehicles – like neo-Nazi James Fields, who ran over and killed Heather Heyer during the protests against the “Unite the Right” hate rally in Charlottesville, NC.

Protestors turned out in droves against Paul Ryan’s unceasing efforts to repeal the Affordable Care and to pass the middle-class gutting tax reform bill, and he has responded by calling the police on them, and the shameless coward has refused to hold town halls in order to shelter himself from the people’s fury.

The right-wing as a whole has been relentless in their efforts to demonize and discredit the anti-police brutality and anti-institutional racism protests by players in the National Football League, refusing to engage with their legitimate demand for a national discussion and instead attempting to smother their dissension with the flag and meaningless appeals to patriotism.

When it comes to promoting democratic values in the world, President Donald Trump has finally decided to dispense with the empty rhetoric and has simply declared that the United States will no longer be supporting the development of democracies, fair elections or the protection of human rights across the world. 

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And if there was any question as to whether or not Donald Trump and his administration actually cares about the welfare of the Iranian people, remember that he tried to ban them all from entering the United States.

The vast majority of the Republican foreign policy establishment has howled for harsher sanctions on the nation of Iran time and time again (the worst effects of which are inevitably passed on to everyday Iranians) before proceeding to throw a vicious tantrum when President Obama negotiated his historic nuclear peace treaty with Iran, despondent at the thought of losing the one excuse they could reasonably use to call for increased hostility with Iran.

Every one of the chinless, bloodsucking ghouls who rolled out these same meaningless professions of love for democracy and the self-determination of Iraq ahead of the 2003 invasion didn’t bat an eye as the people of Iraq died by the hundreds of thousands and the nation slipped into a chaotic civil war that went on to destabilize the entire region.

They will do the same for the people of Iran should they get their way.

The people of Iran deserve a real democracy and freedom from their theocratic overlords – but don’t for one second mistake the conservative’s sudden concern for their welfare as anything more than the selfish opportunism of hungry warmongers.

Colin Taylor

Managing Editor

Colin Taylor is the managing editor of the Washington Press. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor's degree in history and political science. He now focuses on advancing the cause of social justice, equality, and universal health care in America.

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