December 6, 2022

Trump just screwed up while attacking Obama on Twitter and had to delete it, but it gets worse

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The master of fake news struck again yesterday. President Donald Trump tweeted out a petty graphic comparing the American efforts against ISIS under his administration to those under President Obama’s. Ignoring the gross oversimplification of warfare that the tweet relays in its ignoring of the fact that the momentum established under Obama was simply continued under Trump, the numbers are also factually incorrect.


Vox points out that The Washington Examiner had previously reported that under Trump the military liberated 26,800 square miles. They were going off of Pentagon data but messed up their math.

In reality, the military liberated 15,570 square miles. Trump tweeted out the wrong information because apparently, our commander-in-chief has no idea how much ground the U.S. has actually taken from ISIS.

The error is incredibly glaring because Trump himself stated in the tweet that ISIS held 17,500 square miles when he was inaugurated. How could the military have possibly liberated 26,800 from the terrorist group, when that’s more territory than was even held in the first place?

The Washington Examiner later corrected their math, so Trump deleted the tweet and sent out an updated one.

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It’s just the latest embarrassing mistake from our clueless president and it stems directly from his unhealthy obsession with undoing and surpassing President Obama’s legacy, a feat which he is utterly incapable of doing. It’s hard not to presume that much of the animus Trump feels towards Obama stems from his white supremacist leanings.

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Furthermore, the more he tries to “beat” Obama, the more pathetic he looks, and the more disastrous his policy becomes. It doesn’t matter how good something is, if Obama implemented it, Trump wants it gone. It’s as if he’s trying to become the mirror image of our great previous president by becoming a complete failure as our current president.

What’s worse, the childish Twitter display backfired almost immediately in sobering fashion. Trump bragged about defeating ISIS just yesterday, and then today ISIS launched a deadly attack in Kabul, Afghanistan.

CNN reports that the terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing on a Shia cultural center that left forty-one people dead and dozens injured. Trump has said nothing about the tragic attack, and one would be wise to suspect that will remain the case.

It appears Trump is more focused on claiming responsibility for defeating ISIS than actually defeating it. His constant bravado is luring people into a false sense of security as well as distracting him from the task at hand.

A president shouldn’t be so driven by his turgid ego that he sees the war on terror as a cause for braggadocio. It’s a task he must approach clear-headed and free of personal insecurities. Once again, our reality television conman has proven how truly unfit he is to lead.

Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.

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