December 10, 2022

Roy Moore just surged back into the spotlight in a stunning Alabama election development

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In the latest development in Roy Moore’s interminable saga, the failed Alabama Republican Senate candidate and accused child molester has filed an official complaint in hopes of delaying the certification of the special election results, citing voter fraud, in hopes of ultimately being granted “a new election.”


Per an e-mail from the Moore campaign:


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Moore has called for a voter fraud investigation to be conducted, claiming that “three national Election Integrity experts” concluded “with a reasonable degree of statistical and mathematical certainty” that “election fraud occurred.” He went so far as to claim that the “probability of the election results in these precincts happening naturally is ‘less than one in 15 billion.’”

Of course, Moore is grasping at straws. In actuality, the people of Alabama were so disgusted by one of the most flawed and unfit candidates in American history that he couldn’t manage to win in perhaps the most conservative state in the country as a Republican, handing the seat away to a Democrat for the first time in a quarter century.

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The odds of Roy Moore losing may very well have been one in 15 billion; that he lost, then, is a testament to just how dismal of a candidate he was.

A decision regarding election certification will be made today, Thursday, December 28th, by Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, along with the governor and attorney general.

Despite the fact that every news outlet has called Alabama’s historic Senate race for Democrat Doug Jones, Moore has remained resolute in his unwillingness to accept the results.

On the heels of his loss, Moore released a video addressing the issue.

In the video, Moore defends his defiance in refusing to concede to Doug Jones, citing the fact that military and provisional ballots have yet to be counted. It should be noted that Moore was defeated by over 20,000 votes.

“We are indeed in a struggle to preserve our republic, our civilization, and our religion and to set free a suffering humanity,” he said in his video address. ” And the battle rages on.”

Alabama state law requires an automatic recount if the margin is less than one-half of one percent. With 100% of precincts reporting, Jones’ margin of victory stands at 1.5%, rendering a recount unnecessary.

“Realize that when the vote is this close, it is not over,” he said. “We still have got to go by the rules about this recount provision. The secretary of state has explained it to us and we’re expecting that the press will go up there and talk to them to find out what the situation is.”

Even Doug Jones called on Moore to accept the reality of the situation and concede the race.

Jones’ victory is especially striking given the fact that Trump won Alabama with over 62 percent of the vote in the 2016 general election. The Democrat’s win, then, is an unprecedented 29-point swing to the left.

With these results, the Republican majority in the Senate now shrinks from 52-48 to 51-49.

Doug Jones is best known for prosecuting two KKK members after a 1962 church bombing in Birmingham in which four black girls were tragically killed. He also sent Olympic bomber Eric Rudolph to jail.

Roy Moore, for his part, has been mired in scandal since The Washington Post published a bombshell report in which four women – a number that has since grown precipitously – stepped forward to accuse Roy Moore, at the time a District Attorney in his 30s, of engaging in sexual behavior while they were between the ages of 14- and 18-years-old. The story was corroborated by over 30 sources.

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Doug Jones’ victory in Alabama is only the latest in a wave of stunning Democratic success stories. Aside from flipping New Jersey’s and winning Virginia’s gubernatorial races, Democrats picked up a staggering 15 seats in Virginia’s House of Delegates, giving them control of 49 seats out of 100 so far. Several races for the House of Delegates are still currently being decided.

Democrats have also picked up a slew of seats in other races around the country, including those in Georgia, Washington, and Florida.

Since the beginning of 2017, Democrats have flipped 15 seats in special elections. Republicans have flipped zero. In total, Democrats flipped 35 seats from red to blue. Even in solidly red districts, such as those in Oklahoma, South Carolina, Kansas, and Alabama, Democrats are overperforming Trump’s numbers by double digits.

Roy Moore can certainly try to stall, but the people of Alabama have spoken loud and clear. Jones’ victory was a glaring repudiation of Moore’s disgusting campaign, and the accused child molester would be well served to concede with at least a modicum of dignity in tact so that he can be duly forgotten from our nation’s collective conscience.

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