The editor’s notes from a rejected alt-right book just leaked and they’re BRUTAL


Professional bigot and crude provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart News infamy was flying high earlier this year, with numerous pro-Trump speaking engagements and a pending book deal. His high came crashing down though, when an old video surfaced in which he claimed that 13-year-old boys could consent to sexual relationships with adult men, seemingly offering an apologia for sexual abuse and pedophilia.

In the ensuing storm of controversy, Milo was forced to resign from Breitbart and publisher Simon & Schuster canceled his planned autobiography. Milo then filed a lawsuit over the terminated book deal.

Now, editorial notes from the book have surfaced, and they are absolutely humiliating, painting a picture of a man unable to write, and more tellingly, unable to even think coherently.

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It’s a crippling blow to a pseudointellectual who likes to present himself as a brilliant mind, revealing him as the cheap, shock-jock purveyor of racist and xenophobic jokes that he really is.

Yesterday, Publisher Jason Pinter shared Simon & Schuster’s rebuttal to Milo’s lawsuit.