November 30, 2022

Trump just used a disgusting tactic to hide his latest golf trip [Watch]

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If there’s a single subject that epitomizes President Trump’s petty disingenuousness and hypocrisy, it’s his infatuation with golf.  For years, he attacked President Obama for playing golf, and during the campaign he promised his supporters on multiple occasions that he’d be too busy to take vacations and that he’d rarely even leave the White House.


And yet he’s managed to spend more time on a golf course in his first year in office than any president before him, leaving his White House communications team in a constant state of damage control and spin.  They’ve even been caught with their pants down after distributing daily schedules to the media in the morning that listed the president in meetings all day, only for him to turn up on the golf course before lunch.

On Wednesday, they took their attempts to control the narrative of the president’s golf habit to a whole new level.  A CNN video crew caught his latest attempt to keep the press from reporting on his record setting outings.

CNN reporter Dan Merica is in South Florida covering the president, and he told in-studio host Don Lemon that, despite not getting any notification from his comms team, they’ve been capturing video of Trump on the links at his club in West Palm Beach for days.  How they’ve been getting that footage, however, is central to the story.

The press has been forced to stay outside the golf course grounds while Trump is on the course, and so CNN and other media have “taken to going outside the golf course and filming him as he golfs through a break in the hedges near the club,” Merica said.

CNN’s ability to get the footage appears to have upset the president so much that he took an extraordinary step to block them.

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“Today a big white box truck parked in front trying to obscure our shot of President Trump golfing,” Merica continued.  The simple act of getting video of the president performing tasks both big and small is central to idea of a free and open media, and so this cat and mouse game over his golfing speaks to a larger issue, Merica pointed out.

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“President Trump golfs on a regular basis.  According to our count, 87 times as president. This was a man who ran for president and criticized Barack Obama for regularly for golfing during his presidency. But that criticism hasn’t continued in the Trump presidency,” he said.

“He has regularly visited the golf courses he’s owned,” Merica continued, “and White House aides have been hesitant to ever confirm that he’s golfing.  The box truck is another example of the White House trying to obscure. We tried to confirm was this their truck we haven’t gotten many responses back so far.”

You can see the CNN report below:

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