December 6, 2022

Reporter who broke Watergate just spilled the beans about Trump’s FBI attacks (WATCH)

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Carl Bernstein, the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who broke the Watergate case that led to President Nixon’s resignation, reacted to President Trump’s tweets about the FBI by declaring that it is not the nation’s top law enforcement agency that has been compromised, but rather the President who is tainted (video below).

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“The key word,” said Bernstein on CNN, “that he keeps using is ‘tainted.’ There’s really only one institution that has really been tainted through these months and that is the Trump presidency.'”

“It’s tainted by the president’s lies,” adds Bernstein, “by his disrespect for American institutions operating under the law with traditional American democracy and the instruments thereof.”

“He’s contemptuous of those instruments,” declares Bernstein.

It is Trump who is doing a “grave disservice” to the country by undermining a great institution like the FBI, says Bernstein, arguing that if Trump is going to be exonerated as he claims, he should welcome the investigations by the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, “instead of attacking constantly.”

Earlier this month, in another appearance on CNN, Bernstein said that Trump is worse than Richard Nixon was. He said Nixon never showed he lacked the “requisite abilities to exercise the powers of the presidency in a competent manner.”

“We’ve never heard that about Nixon,” said Bernstein, “that Nixon lacked competence, that he lacked intellectual ability, that he was ignorant of history. So we have all these strands coming together with Donald Trump in an unprecedented president being accused both of illegality and incompetence.

Trump may try to pin the blame on everyone but himself, but justice will surely prevail despite his many attempts to obstruct it.

Watch the interview below:

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Benjamin Locke

Benjamin Locke is a retired college professor with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Labor and Relations from Cornell University and an MBA from the European School of Management.

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