February 2, 2023

Trump just broke a Christmas promise he made to Americans on Twitter

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President Trump took a rare day off yesterday – from playing golf.


He then finished his Christmas day in Palm Beach, Florida, with a tweet promising that he would return to work tomorrow (today). 

Instead, he returned to playing golf for the 86th time since he became president. In other words, he has gone to a golf course owned by one of his companies to play about a quarter of all the days he has been in office. 

Trump, of course, is the one who while a candidate complained that President Obama golfed too much (although he actually hit the links a fraction as often as Trump has); and promised in 2015 that he would “rarely leave the White House” if elected because “there’s so much work to be done.”

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“I would not be a president who took vacations,” Trump promised in 2015. “I would not be a president who takes time off.”

Since he was elected, Trump has taken more vacations and played more golf than any president in modern history.

What he doesn’t take a day off from is lying. In the first 298 days in office, Trump has made false or misleading claims 1,628 times, according to the Washington Post, and is on par to make almost 2,000 false or misleading claims by the end of his first full year in office.

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“You simply cannot say false things as often as Trump does without sometimes doing it knowingly and on purpose,” Esquire reported on Nov. 15. “There is evidence supporting the argument that Trump does not actually believe in the concept of truth in the public discourse.”

What that means is that Trump has knowingly and proudly earned the title of “Liar-in-Chief.”

That is a sad truth for all Americans.

Benjamin Locke

Benjamin Locke is a retired college professor with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Labor and Relations from Cornell University and an MBA from the European School of Management.

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