December 1, 2022

First Lady Melania Trump just revealed her favorite TV shows and they speak volumes

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For many Americans, it has been hard to understand just what is going through Melania Trump’s mind. She gives only a few interviews and makes a minimum number of public appearances, always looking well dressed and coifed, but clearly in her husband’s shadow.


There are tabloid reports that Melania and the president don’t really have a close relationship, that they sleep in separate bedrooms, that he spends a lot of time away from her even on holidays and vacations. 

So what to make with the admission that her favorite TV show is “How To Get Away With Murder,” the ABC drama from creator Shonda Rhimes, about a lawyer who is also a professor, and her students, who get caught up in the details, clues and cover-up of murders?

The easy thought would be that maybe Melania is a closet Jessica Fletcher, the character played by the legendary Angela Lansbury in the TV series “Murder, She Wrote,” about a writer who solves murders.

Or maybe Melania fantasizes about being the murderer and putting The Donald away once and for all.

Or maybe she is just a mystery novel fan who gets caught up in the twists and turns of a murder?

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This comes up after a New York Times story today in which a culture writer Katie Rogers reveals that “How To Get Away With Murder” is Melania’s favorite show, but in fact, she told a reporter for US Magazine the same thing last January.

In noting Melania’s favorite show in January, Vanity Fair’s The Hive referenced statements during the campaign last year from Trump that he thinks he could get away with murder and still remain popular.

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“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” Trump said in January 2016 after a campaign rally in Iowa. 

So Melania has been thinking about this for quite a while and her husband is still alive, although some might suggest that his high calories, high-fat diet might be her way of letting him commit suicide.

That is going to be too slow for his political enemies and just bring chuckles about letting Donald be Donald from his few remaining fans.

There has also been no comment from Melania about the fact Shonda Rhimes has made it clear she is not a fan of Trump.

By the way, Melania has said her second favorite show is the Fox music business drama “Empire,” and that shows creator Lee Daniels is no fan of Trump either.

So apparently the FLOTUS doesn’t care if the creators of the shows she loves, in turn, love her husband or not. 

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Still, you have to wonder as Melania is fascinated by the machinations inside a crumbling empire and likes to watch a show about people who get away with murder just what is inside her head. 

And as far as we know Trump doesn’t watch either show with her. He apparently can’t sit through dramas or even movies on TV, and saves himself for fast-paced cable news shows, at least as long as they agree with him.

Melania also has been reported to watch cable news, but mostly to see what is being said about her husband.

Or maybe she is checking to see if he had murdered anyone on 5th Avenue yet.

Benjamin Locke

Benjamin Locke is a retired college professor with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Labor and Relations from Cornell University and an MBA from the European School of Management.

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