Trump just got caught spending his Christmas doing something humiliating on Twitter


On Christmas – Trump’s crowning achievement of a holiday which he single-handedly returned to greatness in the United States – the President got caught doing something rather unfestive on Twitter.

While trolling through Twitter, Trump got caught “liking” his own tweet from two days ago expressing surprise at a Fox News headline reporting “FBI lawyer James Baker reassigned.”

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In fact, a glimpse through Trump’s “likes” section on his Twitter page reflects that the large majority of his recently liked tweets are his own.

While not entirely surprising that our self-important Commander-in-Chief would engage in such shameless self-promotion, it is somewhat surprising that he would do so on the very holiday that he spent much of his campaign promising to restore to its “forgotten” glory.


After promising on countless occasions that Americans would “say merry Christmas again,” one would imagine that the President would be spending time with his family or perhaps studying up on the Bible, since he’ll finally need a new talking point to use to pander to his evangelical base.

He should probably start with Two Corinthians.

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