Trump “allowed” us to say “Merry Christmas” again. Jimmy Kimmel’s response is hilarious


The holiday season is traditionally a time to count one’s blessings and give thanks for the many wonderful things that life threw your way during the year. In the first year of the Trump administration, however, some are feeling significantly less blessed than in prior Christmas seasons.

For those folks, Jimmy Kimmel has come to the rescue with a suggestion that’s sure to make you feel eternally grateful, as long as your tongue is firmly implanted in your cheek.

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Posted by OD Action on Sunday, December 24, 2017

While prison records indicate that Kimmel was joking about his arrest last year, his characterization of Trump’s liberating power to induce the many people cowering at home fearing that the “Holidays, not Christmas” police might catch them uttering the wrong phraseology pretty much aligns with Trump’s own self-assessment of his role in the “War on Christmas.”

He is the Commander-in-Chief after all. Or is that the Con-Man-Der-in-Chief?


Let’s hope that Santa gives the President the gifts he’s been blathering on about all year long: some nice West Virginia coal in his stocking to go with the tiny, tiny gloves.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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