March 24, 2023

Trump just showed America what he really means by “bringing Christmas back”

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In case you weren’t aware, President Obama made it illegal and punishable by death, apparently, to say “Merry Christmas” during his presidency.  For the last 8 Christmases, Americans were forced to utter only the ISIS-approved phrase “Happy Holidays,” and any mention of “Christ” or “Christians” would not be tolerated in Obama’s Liberal utopia, where the true meaning of the season was replaced by some PC fantasy of inclusion and diversity.

Obama wouldn’t even say the words “Merry Christmas,” we were told.  But thanks to President Trump’s courage, Christ and Christians have gotten their holiday back.  He promised throughout the campaign he would do it, and he delivered in a big way – something he never forgets to remind us all every chance he gets.

Of course, this is all just a game with no basis in reality.  President Obama openly and proudly wished Americans and Christians around the world a “Merry Christmas” each year he was in office.  But that fact doesn’t play into the right-wing narrative that Liberals and the politically correct police have been waging a “War on Christmas” for years to stomp out all religious meaning from American life.

And so, right on cue, religious leaders and supporters have lined-up to thank the president for his bravery in the face of the forces of evil that have suppressed Christian influence in America for too long.  Evangelical preacher Franklin Graham said, “I’m so excited that the president isn’t afraid to mention the name of Jesus Christ,”

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A super pac loyal to the Trump campaign even cut this ad touting his “accomplishments” during his first year in office, which finishes with a young girl thanking the president for “letting us say Merry Christmas again.”

On Saturday, Trump’s first full day of his Christmas vacation that he’s spending at his resort club in Florida – just like Jesus would have – the president had a chance to show us all what he meant when he said he’d be bringing Christmas back.

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Did he attend church or some other religious celebration?  Did he visit a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen? Did he meet with under privileged kids to hand out presents?  Did he meet with the troops and their families – you know, like a Christian would?

In a word?  No.  President Trump spent his first full day of Christmas vacation at the only church he knows: one of his own golf courses.

we can’t be certain, but we’re fairly sure that a round of 18 holes isn’t one of the multiple choice answers to the question, “what would Jesus do?”

Peter Mellado

Peter Mellado is a writer, producer, and a branding and messaging specialist with over 15 years experience. He studied history at San Jose State University, and resides in Los Angeles.

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