Trump just attacked Comey and his deputy in an unhinged Twitter rant


After claiming the FBI was in “tatters”, President Trump took to Twitter today to shred the agency’s reputation even further, attacking the one institution that had the temerity to investigate his ties to Russia and leaving the majority of Americans wondering exactly what he must be trying to hide.

You have to admire Trump’s ability to pack so many lies and insults into a single tweet. His accusations that the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal was somehow tainted insults the dedicated FBI agents who tired ceaselessly on the case by questioning their impartiality.

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Never mind that Republicans in Congress with no hint of impartiality couldn’t find anything to charge her with despite months and millions of dollars worth of investigatory digging. Through the magic of projection, Trump can only imagine that other people’s minds are as devious and deceptive as his own, so he imputes his own instincts into his imagined motivations for others.

The digs at McCabe and Comey are obvious attempts to deflect the attention away from the investigation into Trump’s own actions and discredit the investigators. The stronger Trump attacks the FBI, the closer they must be to disclosing something particularly incriminating about him.


With Fox News broadcasting a story on McCabe while Trump tweeted, the President’s Twitter feed was practically a play by play commentary on Fox’s talking points. Fox wasn’t done with attacking McCabe, so neither was Trump.

Of course, only the most cynical political observer would ever think any of this had anything to do with the fact that McCabe confirmed in front of Congress just days ago James Comey’s account of the President pressuring him to swear a loyalty oath to Trump personally, bolstering the accusations of obstruction of justice against the President.

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Trump’s last tweet on the subject today is the most perplexing.

Trump acts like it’s the first time he’s heard the news about the FBI lawyer whom Congressional Republicans have accused of leaking the news of the infamous Steele dossier detailing Trump’s ties to Russia and his unusual predilections for urinary entertainment to a Mother Jones magazine reporter. The Washington Post reported that Baker had been reassigned within the FBI despite the fact that the reporter in question has denied that Baker was his source.


Is Trump being coy here and winkingly acknowledging that Baker’s reassignment id his doing? Is this a covert warning to anyone else who dares to displease him?  We’ll have to wait for future tweets to see if there are any further clues.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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