A Muslim girl tried to peacefully confront her white bullies. Their reaction is appalling


Smartphone video of a group of white girls attacking Muslim-American girl in Florida has gone viral Saturday.

14-year-old Manaal Munshi went to a local Miami-area park to peacefully confront the girls who had been bullying her for weeks.  In the video, she’s seen approaching three of them when one of them suddenly attacks her, dragging her to the floor.  Two others quickly jumped-in.

The assault continued for several seconds, and the whole time Manaal didn’t fight back.

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“Just as the attack appears to wind down, one of the girls grabbed the ninth-grader by the hair and pummeled her with fists,” The Sun Sentinel reported. “Another segment shows a girl rush the victim, throw her down and pound at her head.”

Local law enforcement has been notified about the incident and an investigation has been launched.

Sadly, this isn’t an isolated case.  Muslim-American lawyer and activist Qasim Rashid tweeted the video, and including an appalling stat:  In America, 42% of Muslim American students experience bullying.  “Unacceptable,” Rashid states emphatically.


You can view the disgusting video below.

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