Sean Spicer just made a bizarre suggestion about working for Obama

What made Melissa McCarthy’s Emmy-winning satirical performance of Donald Trump first press secretary Sean Spicer so delicious was that it showed just what a clueless, uptight, stuffed shirt he was every time he took the White House press room podium.

Apparently, Spicer is still clueless in his post-White House life.

In an interview on Fox Business Network, he is quoted saying, “If President Obama called me right now today and said, ‘hey, come mow my law,’ I’d do it.”

From the headlines across the web, it sounds as if Spicer is born again as someone who sees that Obama was a great president, or that the former press secretary now believes that to truly make America great again, Republicans need to reach across the aisle so that both political parties leaders and members can work together.

Wrong. Spicey the clueless continues to blather as if we live in a parallel universe where Trump is a normal president who doesn’t lie all the time, who doesn’t frequently break campaign promises, who actually pay attention to the poll numbers that how his policies and his personality rank him at the lowest levels in modern political history.

Here is the rest of that quote: “…because I think that there is something that we all should come together as Americans and want to support our leaders our elected leaders, Republican, Democrat.”

In other words, Trump should be treated like any other president, and not be subject to the lessons of the post-World War II Nuremberg trials where high ranking Nazis were called out for going along with the murderous, disastrous policies of Hitler.

Trump may not be as bad as Hitler, yet, but his record in office so far is that he is an authoritarian who wants to be as much a dictator as Vladamir Putin or the other petty dictators he often welcomes to the White Hosue, where the issue of human rights is no longer on the agenda.

Spicer was responding to a question on Fox News about Tom Hanks’ comment that if his well-reviewed, important new movie about the Pentagon Papers was screened at the White House, he would not attend.

“I think the idea that it has become kind of cool to say, ‘I won’t even show up to see the president of the United States is a sad commentary on where we are,” added Spicer.

He might have been addressing those honored recently at the Kennedy Center Honors like the legendary producer and writer Norman Lear who refused to go to a pre-event cocktail party if Trump was going to be there, in the wake of his comments about White Supremacists at Charlottesville and his other views.

Trump became the first president to skip the prestigious event entirely.

But Spicer was talking about Hanks playing the role of Ben Bradlee, who was Editor of the Washington Post during Watergate, as well – when going to the White House to spend quality time with Richard Nixon was also not the right thing to do either.

“I think that people like Tom Hanks, who I think is a great film producer and director, he should take the lead maybe say, ‘you know what? I want to go talk to the president about these important issues that were brought up in my movie in ‘The Post.'”

Aside from the fact that while Hanks is an award-winning producer and a fine director, he is an actor in this movie, which is produced by Steven Spielberg, who is also highly unlikely to accept an invite to chat with Trump in this lifetime.

Hanks, like most Americans who are not members of the Nazi party, recognizes that it has become clear that a conversation with Trump is never going to be two-sided. It is Trump pushing his views while pretending to listen to the other side, and then doing exactly what he always planned to do, no matter how disgusting or selfish and no matter how many people disagree.

“Right now,” Hanks said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, “without a doubt, there are people in power trying to – if not quash or stop the right to publication, denigrate it to the point they are saying there is no truth to it whatsoever.”

That is exactly what Trump is doing when he accuses every legitimate news organization expect Fox with being “fake news.” It is an effort to denigrate it so that clueless people like Spicer will become kind of brain-numb and not believe the truth when they hear it from these long-standing, hard-working, truth-telling media institutions.

Spicer knows exactly to whom Trump is referring because the first thing he did after being thrown under the bus by Trump was to tramp from one to the other looking for a job as paid spokesman.

The answer from ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN, among others, was no thanks, saying in essence that his performance as press secretary gave him zero credibility.

Now Spicer makes paid speeches to conservative groups and is going to teach, and earlier this month he announced he had signed a book deal with a backwater conservative publisher known as the home of such authors as Newt “never met a lie I can’t tell in my self-interest” Gingrich.

His book, “The Briefing,” he announced on his pal Sean Hannity’s fake news show on Fox, will not be what everyone is interested in – what really happened with Trump and the White House.

“This isn’t about White House gossip,” Spicer said in early December. “I can tell you from first-hand experience of the rampant hostility President Trump faces daily from the mainstream press.”

Spicey is going to tell us all about how terrible the press is, and how badly they operate and why Trump – who dumped him – is still right.

He would know because of his vast career as a publicist and political patsy for the Republicans, and because day after day for six months, he went out and looked into the blinking camera and lied about everything from the inaugural crowd size on, and then wondered why the press was hostile.

Yes, Spicer is still a shill for Trump at worst and what else, clueless, at best.

If you still doubt he is clueless, think back to the Emmys in September when he satirized himself by pushing a podium on stage and making a lame joke about the crowd size, a reference to his famous declaration about the inaugural crowd size on Trump’s behalf.

That appearance got few laughs, a lot of head scratching and anger from many in Hollywood who did not feel it was appropriate to have Trump’s fake news mouthpiece on the Emmy show at all.

Among conservatives, it was seen as a betrayal because there was Spicey playing court jester for the hated Hollywood liberals.

From The Hollywood Reporter: “Sean Spicer’s Emmy Awards Camero Was A Sickening, Cynical Laugh Grab,” read a Slate headline; while The Daily Beasts’s Keven Fallon wrote, “Sean Spicer at the emys Don’t Make This Guy A Folk Hero.”

Esquire called his cameo “profoundly unfunny, while producer Craig Zaden wrote on Twitter that Spicer’s appearance was “a big mistake and bad judgment.”’s headline was “Has Sean Spicer Betrayed Conservatives? See His Emmy Appearance.”

A commentator on that site added, “Yes, sold out. He allowed these folks to use him to poke fun of (sic) Donald Trump. They don’t like him, now there are Conservatives that don’t care for what he did. So he sold himself out but to what end?”

So he lost points with all sides.

So to sum up, Tom Hanks is right on as usual and Spicer is just clueless.

Benjamin Locke

Benjamin Locke is a retired college professor with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Labor and Relations from Cornell University and an MBA from the European School of Management.