December 7, 2022

Behind-the-scenes footage from Obama’s first Christmas address will make your day (WATCH)

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Raw footage from Obama’s first Christmas address on December 22, 2009 – eight years ago today – has surfaced and it’s exactly what America needs to see right now.


Throughout the video, former First Lady Michelle Obama grows increasingly frustrated as her husband, Barack, fails to contain his laughter.

“This is our first Christmas in the White House and—“ she says, as Barack can be heard giggling off screen.

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“This is our first Christmas in the White House and we are so grateful,” she tries again, only to get interrupted by her husband’s laughter. “You know—you’re really—crowding me,” she teases.

Of course, as is par for the course with the Obamas, they nail it at the end.

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The video also puts a kink in the common Republican refrain that Trump has allowed Americans to say “merry Chrismas” again. In actuality, Obama – a practicing Christian – was quite forthright and proud in his support for Christmas.

While Barack and Michelle’s video is quite charming, the likelihood of footage like this emerging from Donald and Melania’s address is slim to none— the difference being that Michelle actually likes her husband.

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