Jeff Sessions just ordered Justice Department to pursue a witch hunt against Hillary Clinton


The Trump era is distinguished by a dizzying onslaught of terrible new political phenomena that are sure to fascinate future historians.

One of the most pronounced, and possibly the most destructive, is the popularity and normalization of formerly fringe worldviews and conspiracy theories. Absurd narratives completely untethered from reality have infected the mainstream of right-wing media and driven conservative viewers into a paranoid fervor.

We saw it when members of the Trump team started pushing Pizzagate, the ludicrous theory that Democrats led by Hillary Clinton were leading a satanic child sex ring in the basement of a pizza shop.  We saw it again when Sean Hannity and Fox News peddled the conspiracy that the DNC had Seth Rich, one of their employees, murdered despite the fact that he was simply the victim of a violent mugging. Now, the unhinged narrative du jour is the Uranium One incident.

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Conservatives are pushing the fabricated story that Hillary Clinton sold uranium to Russia and personally profited from the deal. In reality, she was simply the head of the State Department at the time the deal was signed off on by numerous federal agencies and had nothing to do with it personally. What’s more, there is nothing unsavory about the deal in the first place, so even if Secretary Clinton had been involved, it certainly wouldn’t have been a strike against her character.

Now, in a desperate bid to pull the spotlight off the floundering Trump White House, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered Justice Department prosecutors to question FBI Agents about their investigations into the Uranium One deal, NBC News reports. The FBI had previously looked into the deal and decided not to pursue it any further.

Agents have been asked by Sessions’s prosecutors to describe what they found when they looked into the uranium deal and asked whether or not there were improper efforts to end their probe. The move comes as partisan hack Republicans in Congress increasingly claim that wrongdoings were overlooked.


The transparent ploy is ostensibly aimed at deciding whether a special counsel is necessary, but given the expanding Robert Mueller probe into possible collusion between the Trump team and Russia to influence the 2016 election, seems more likely to be an attempt to move attention from the president and his cronies to his former campaign opponent.

Trump himself has pushed the conspiracy theory in the past on Twitter. It’s a recurring tool of his, because he knows that as long as he can keep his supporters focused on Hillary Clinton and her imaginary crimes they won’t have time to realize what a truly terrible job he is doing as president. He previously tweeted:

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As Trump and Republicans dig up this idiotic narrative again and try to sell it to the public, it’s worth rewatching MSNBC‘s Joy Reid’s methodical dismantling of the conspiracy theory. Check it out below.

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Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.