December 6, 2022

Breitbart editor just admitted the truth about Trump and Roy Moore sex allegations

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Alex Marlow, the editor-in-chief of white nationalist rag Breitbart just admitted that the far-right magazine fought to discredit the women accusing losing Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of child molestation, sexual assault, and sexual harassment because they were trying to protect President Trump from similar accusations. 


Marlow confessed to CNN yesterday what everyone already believed, that Breitbart essentially serves as a propaganda arm for the president:

I think they want to create a standard where President Trump either from past or future accusations, will not be able to match whatever standard is now in place for who can be a United States senator. Based off not any sort of conviction or any sort of admission of guilt, but based off of purely allegations.

In other words, Breitbart is publishing articles to discredit all accusers of Republican politicians, no matter how credible, as an insurance policy against any congressional probes that might come up in the wake of demands from three of Trump’s 19 accusers.

Marlow defended Breitbart’s victim-shaming tactics, saying they benefit Trump’s agenda going forward:

I think that’s the playbook here . . . and I think it’s part of the reason why it was so important for Breitbart to continue our coverage of the way we covered it … and for Steve [Bannon] in particular to hold the line the way he did for — I think part of it is because it’s not just about Judge Moore, it is not even just about establishment, anti-establishment. It’s about what’s coming next for President Trump.

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The magazine that cultivates relationships with white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and men’s rights activists, is also preemptively defending against any future accusations that may come to light.

Just recently, on December 8, a new Trump sexual assault accuser came forward — a former FOX News anchor Juliet Huddy — signaling that there may be more waiting in the wings.

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Meanwhile, the Jane Doe who, after numerous death threats, rescinded her legal case against Trump for child rape in the 90s, could feel emboldened by the #MeToo movement and come back on the scene any time.

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Breitbart chairman Steve Bannon, himself an alleged a domestic abuser, helped Trump limp over the finish line to an electoral college win, despite Trump having been caught on tape bragging about sexual assault.

He did not, however, prove successful in dragging an alleged child molester to victory by attacking his victims, even in deep-red Alabama.

As the #MeToo movement grows, empowering accusers to come forward and demanding they be believed, Trump’s credibility as president sustains greater and greater blows.

Alex Marlow just admitted that Breitbart and the Predator-in-Chief for whom it serves as mouthpiece are scared.  Their gutter tactics are starting to fail them. 

If they could lose in Alabama, they can lose everywhere.  We must hold their feet to the fire every day between now and the 2018 and 2020 elections.

Lucia Brawley

Lucia Brawley is a Harvard- and Yale-educated writer, producer, actor, and political organizer. She runs the progressive political Facebook group Consenting to Lead. To learn more, please go to Follow her on Twitter: @luciabrawley

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