February 6, 2023

Trump just took a nauseating victory lap over his disastrous tax bill

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Last night, the Republicans in the Senate approved their horrendous tax bill, which they crafted with zero input from Democrats and hid from public scrutiny until the eleventh hour, instead allowing lobbyists and corporate donors to stitch the bill together like some Frankenstein’s monster of tax cuts for the rich and tax hikes for the middle class.


Today, the House of Representatives will vote on the bill again today after incompetent mistakes rendered their first one null and Republicans — barring some blessed force majeure — will ram it through into law, grinding their boots down onto the throats of the middle class in the process.

Trump, who may or may not know what it’s even included in the nihilistic bill, took to Twitter last night to celebrate the Senate passing. He called it the “biggest in history” tax cut, as if the huge increase in the national deficit, gutting of key social programs, and tax raises for the Americans without yachts and private planes are things to celebrate. 

He also took glee in the fact that the bill removes the Affordable Care Act individual mandate, meaning it takes out one of the foundational pillars of Obamacare, something that the president hates more because of who signed it into law than for what it actually does.

Trump added that the House still has to vote and that if it passes he will be holding a celebratory press conference, presumably so he can flex his blowhard tendencies and brag about his abominable bill. He tweeted:

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This morning, Trump woke up and immediately tweeted again, calling the tax cuts “so large” and “so meaningful,” once again using vague language presumably because he doesn’t understand most of the actual implications of the bill.

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He moved on to take a shot at the “fake news,” referring to the media outlets who have responsibly and truthfully reported on all the terrible effects the legislation will wreak on most of the country. He rubbed his victory in by referring to the “defeated” Democrats. 

The president ended the tweet in trademark, inane fashion by writing the word “jobs” three times, as if repeating it like a magical incantation will somehow make them appear. In reality, many companies who will benefit from the tax cuts have already admitted they will use the extra money to pay out dividends to the shareholders rather than hire new employers.

Once again, the Republicans are pushing the ahistorical, fantasy theory that trickledown economics work out for anyone but the hyperwealthy. Trump is right about one thing though. The results will speak for themselves, and they’ll be disastrous. The president tweeted:

After the leader of their party endorsed sexual predator Roy Moore for Senate the members of the GOP implicitly invited the world to stop referring to them as the Grand Old Party and start calling them the Grand Old Pedophiles. Now, with this thieving tax bill, they’ve tacked on another fitting title for themselves: the Grand Old Plutocrats.

Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.

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