Chris Christie just said Jared Kushner should be investigated for his roll in Trump Transition

The Trump Transition Team’s fired ex-Chairman says that White House senior advisor Jared Kushner role in post-election meetings with Russians “deserves to be investigated.” (Video below.)

On January 16, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will leave office as one of the least popular politicians in America. After being spurned for the job of then-candidate Donald Trump’s running mate, Christie agreed to serve as Trump’s Transition Team Chairman all the way up until being let go in what was dubbed a “Stalinesque purge” led by Jared Kushner just three days after the election.

Now, Trump’s son-in-law is the focus of swirling rumors that his indictment may be imminent after news broke that his attorney is hiring a crisis management PR firm.

Christie responded by taking a major shot at Kushner on live television, one that could best be described as a schadenfreude sandwich of inter-Trump minion infighting. He told Nicole Wallace on MSNBC:

“I’m telling you that [Kushner] deseves the scrutiny.”

“You know why? ‘Cause he was involved in the Transition and he was involved in meetings that call into question his role…. Everybody, by the way, who was involved in that Transition post-election is involved. All of the leadership is going to be questioned…”

Thus far, neither the final Trump Transition team Chairman Vice President Mike Pence, nor President Trump himself have been questioned by prosecutors in front of the Special Counsel’s grand jury.

Christie’s demise as Transition Team Chairman was ascribed to his aides’ convictions in the Bridgegate scandal and Kushner’s thirst for vengeance against the former federal prosecutor who convicted his father of felony crimes a decade earlier.

However, it also coincided with a meeting that Ivanka Trump “took over” and offered the now-convicted former National Security Advisor Flynn any role he wanted.

For reasons not unexplained, Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner pushed hard for Flynn’s installation at the top of America’s national security apparatus. That’s when Trump’s son-in-law and his allies pounced, taking swift revenge on the Republican Governor and all of his allies for indicting and convicting Jared Kushner’s father.

One of the fired officials, Christie’s former Chief of Staff Richard Bagger, had already signed an agreement with the GSA allowing all of the Transition Team’s emails to be delivered to investigators in the event of a criminal probe. Kushner had Bagger unceremoniously locked Bagger out during their purge and missed that memo.

This weekend, bombshell news reports revealing the importance of events that happened during the Trump Transition as well as Mueller’s clever use of Bagger’s agreement to lawfully obtain over 10,000 of the Trump inner circle’s emails from the GSA without a warrant.

Now, it’s looking more and more like Chris Christie will have the last laugh after Jared Kushner, the man who pretty much denied him the Vice Presidency, suffers the consequences of an invasive criminal investigation.

Watch Christie casually toss Jared Kushner under the bus:

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