Republican lawmaker who deleted her Twitter after fight with teens just lashed out on Facebook


A Republican state lawmaker in Minnesota just used the most paranoid excuse possible to avoid meeting with teenagers in her district because they don’t hold her same political viewpoint.

State Rep. Mary Franson (R-MN) made headlines this weekend when she freaked out after the student organization AAHS Dems, a chapter of the Minnesota High School Democrats, asked her for a meeting as her constituents to discuss political issues. That’s when Franson decided to censor the students on Twitter (see below) by blocking them, and of course, she refused to hold a meeting.

Now, Rep. Franson has taken to Facebook with her sordid attacks on the students of the Alexandria Area High School one step further and created a putrid excuse not to meet her constituents; she is paranoid that the high school students will turn her in for being a sexual predator.

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ThinkProgress reports that this is Franson’s authentic Facebook screenshots:

Source: State Rep. Mary Franson’s Facebook/ThinkProgress

If that wasn’t bad enough, the paranoid Minnesota Republican continued on her rant by claiming that no elected official would meet a student organization which isn’t of their same political party.

Taking things one giant second conspiracy theory leap forward, Franson compared the students to Antifa, the sparse and unorganized anti-fascist organization that has shown up at Nazi rallies and have come to be reviled by America’s hard-right, authoritarian Republican politicians.


ThinkProgress’s Aaron Rupar reports:

Source: State Rep. Mary Franson’s Facebook/ThinkProgress

It’s illegal for government officials to block citizens on social media as, under the Constitution’s First Amendment, it is considered content-based censorship.

While it’s not illegal for a public official to refuse a meeting with his or her constituents, it’s morally wrong for them to get into office and treat people of different political persuasions as second-class citizens, or – worse yet – to publicly vilify students who are learning American civics while still in school.

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But Republican State Rep. Mary Franson has just done both the illegal and immoral acts described above.

However, as a public servant, Mary Franson cannot lawfully block or censor anyone from sending their grievances to her official email account at or contacting her office at 800-709-0796 to express their grievances.

That’s also a First Amendment protected right.


H/T Aaron Rupar at ThinkProgress

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