February 2, 2023

Trump Just Installed A Vicious Watergate Criminal As An Official US Ambassador

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President Trump named a U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic who not only participated in the cover-up of Watergate but beat, drugged and kidnapped the wife Nixon’s Campaign Chairman to keep her from informing the public about the true nature of the break-in before voting. It’s a disgusting tale of white male privilege, police officers breaking the law and retaliation against a woman who spoke truth to power.


Congress rubber-stamped President Trump’s appointment Stephen “Steve” King based on his high-level Republican connections to Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan and his business partnership with Ryan’s brother and Trump’s inner circle. (He is not the author of the same name.)

It turns out that King, a 76-year-old former FBI agent, infamously worked as security for disgraced former GOP President Richard Nixon’s CREEP (Committee to Re-Elect the President), where he participated in the primary cover-up of Watergate by beating up Martha Mitchell. Newsweek reports:

[Stephen] King played a crucial role in the 1972 Watergate affair—and not a good one. According to several accounts over the years, King helped cover up ties between President Richard Nixon’s re-election campaign and the burglars arrested inside the Democratic Party headquarters at the Watergate complex—and in a particularly violent fashion. None of that came up during his confirmation hearing.

His duty on the week of the break-in was to protect—and keep a close eye on—Martha Mitchell, the talkative wife of Nixon’s campaign director and former attorney general John Mitchell, while the Mitchells were on a campaign swing in California… When she learned that James McCord, the security director of CREEP, who had served as her bodyguard, was among those arrested at the Watergate—and described by her husband as a private security contractor who was “not operating either on our behalf or with our consent”—she picked up the telephone and called a favorite reporter, UPI’s Helen Thomas.

Enter King. He “rushed into her bedroom, threw her back across the bed, and ripped the telephone out of the wall,” wrote veteran Washington reporter Winzola McLendon in her 1979 biography of Martha Mitchell, to whom she was close. But Thomas was still on the phone and taking notes. “The conversation ended abruptly when it appeared someone took away the phone from her hand,” Thomas reported. “She was heard to say, ‘You just get away.’”

In other words, Trump’s new Ambassador Steve King stepped in for CREEP; he unplugged the phone while Martha Mitchell spoke with the UPI’s legendary reporter Helen Thomas, and proceeded to beat up the Campaign Chairman’s wife!

Amazingly, Steve King managed to completely evade justice for his brutal crimes against Martha Mitchell.

If that wasn’t bad enough, America’s new Czech Ambassador also has literally no diplomatic experience in the post to which he’s been assigned since December 7th.

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Years later, Mitchell told a magazine that King had summoned a doctor to administer a tranquilizing shot, before ordering her hotel to hold all phone calls while Nixon’s Chief of Staff diabolically spread disinformation to discredit Mitchell in the press as part of the coverup.

Is it any wonder that women were afraid to speak out against men who abused them in the 1970s?

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Eventually, convicted Watergate burglar James McCord confirmed King’s role in kidnapping Martha Mitchell in 1975, calling her a “political prisoner.” The Times reported her reaction as:

“Thank God somebody is coming to my assistance. I was not only kidnapped but I was threatened at gun point, and you can put that in,” she said in a telephone conversation.

Before there was a #Metoo movement, Republicans discredited a famous battered woman to cover up the Watergate scandal and Donald Trump just installed Nixon’s most brutal goon as an American Ambassador. 

Ultimately, Richard Nixon himself admitted that without Martha Mitchell there would not have been a Watergate.

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It’s bad enough that Steve King used a combination of white privilege, police brutality, and Republican political connections to break the law and get away with being one of Nixon’s Watergate enforcers, but it’s unconscionable to send him overseas to represent America.

President Trump needs to immediately recall America’s Ambassador to the Czech Republic, demand King’s resignation and appoint someone qualified who isn’t an unindicted Watergate co-conspirator or any other form of criminal.

But nobody should expect our shameless President – best known for bragging about sexual assault – to do anything about the political kidnapper he just sent to Europe to represent our nation.

After all, Trump’s disgraced National Security Advisor – and newly convicted felon – has also been accused of formulating a kidnapping plot from the White House.

Watch the late Helen Thomas tell about the unlikely source of the first news story about the Watergate coverup:

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